Cherry and Filip met in 2013 on a Lindy Hop course in SWINGOUT.PL dance studio. They started to dance Collegiate Shag in 2014 among a bunch of enthusiasts who brought it to Warsaw, and partnered up while performing with the Warsaw Shag Team.

- Cherry, do You want to be the best in the world one day? - Yes, why not… - Me too, so let’s do it!

With this frivolous conversation they started to work together and train regularly. After 3 months they won the Strictly Shag competition during Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival and after 6 months they became instructors in SWINGOUT.PL. Since that moment they teach regulary Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag around Poland and abroad.

Their dance is full of energy. Cherry dances with a wild Latin temperament, elegance and open head, playing with the rhythm and shaking things out. She loved to dance since she remembers. At the age of 6 she started with ballet and contemporary, then switched to ballroom and lyrical jazz for a while. Filip is a musician for many years, playing on the guitar, trombone and mandoline. He’s one of the founders of The Cajun Spices - a Polish gypsy jazz band. His passion reflects the way he dances and makes it a fine form of expression. They are full of enthusiasm, looking for new ideas and challenges. The first class they gave together was held in a Zoo for a group of children.
Sandy and Martí united as partners in their passion for collegiate shag in 2015 and they continue to rock the world today. These two crazy kids love to show off their skills in playful choreos and the fun shines through in their classes as well. With Martís elegant precision and Sandy's electric spontaneity you can't go wrong. The Shagamuffins are excited to be at Shag Republic for the first time and they are ready to shag the house down!

Jenny Shirar

Since being introduced to Lindy Hop in 2008, Jenny Shirar has quickly become known as a dynamic dancer, teacher, competitor, and performer. She embodies a distinctive, high-energy style that favors audacity and individuality over perfection. Ever proud of her hometown roots in St. Louis, Missouri, Jenny also specializes in St. Louis Shag and the regional dialect of swing that developed in St. Louis between the 1930s-present. She has been privileged to learn from and dance with some of the great St. Louis Shag and Swing dancers of eras prior and as one of the only followers in the world to have had this training, she enjoys sharing this unique perspective with students from all over. Jenny has had numerous competition successes, including first place wins at the International Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Midwest Lindy Fest, and more. As a teacher, she adopts a people-first approach and gets most excited about seeing dancers discover and explore their own way of moving.

Vlad and Nastya

Anastasia (Nastya) and Vladislav (Vlad) are the core of Groovy Cats Swing Dance Club. Their experience comes from many years of intensive practice, teaching locally and internationally, and performing in several swing dance styles: Collegiate Shag, Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop. Vlad has been dancing swing for 18 years and 11 years in a couple with Nastya. Nastya and Vlad became the pioneers of Collegiate Shag in Prague and 5 times won the Collegiate Shag Contest in Munich, Germany. They also became the members of the first Euro Shag performance at Rock That Swing Festival 2015 and prize-winners of the Shag Battle there. Since 2011 they have been officially teaching regular Collegiate Shag classes and workshops in Prague and international workshops in Munich, Berlin, Stockholm and doing pretty strong show performances.